“Yazcite” Tartar Music (2010r.)

Wednesday March 4th, 2015Albums

“Yazcite” Muzyka Tatarska

Musical Project of Hanna Turonek and Paweł Betley.


Hanna Turonek – flutes, dizi, hulusi, zurna, kubyz (jaw harp)

Paweł Betley – frame drum, darbuka, drums, cláirseach (celitc harp)

Beata Klatka – vocal

Maria Pomianowska – Biłgoraj suka, Płock fidel

Mateusz Szemraj – arabian lute al oud, persian lute tar

Tytus Wojnowicz – duduk


Arrangement:  Hanna Turonek, Paweł Betley

Recording and mixing: Paweł Betley ZTUDIO


An invitation to a world of harmony in Asia. Music’s fearless warriors who, in rare moments of calm, loved to sing and dance throughout the night until morning. Compositions that bit closer to contemporary listeners Tatars living in Polish lands.  In February 2011 the album was on the cover of the prestigious music magazine Look Nazar, with a large four-page article devoted to it.