“Wspomnienie” (“Niewdzięczny…”)

Wednesday March 4th, 2015Albums

“Wspomnienie” (“Niewdzięczny…”)

piosenka z albumu: “Zakochany Pan Tadeusz”


Singing: Anna Maria Jopek

Recitation: Michał Żebrowski

Music: Paweł Betley, Anna Maria Jopek

Arrangement and execution: Paweł Betley

Recording and mix:  Paweł Betley ZTUDIO


“Memory” as sung by Anna Maria Jopek, accompanied by a masterly interpretation of Mickiewicz’s verses read by Zebrowski is a great complement to the whole album. The song to this day still evokes excitement among the next generation of listeners, and the number of views on Youtube exceeds 1 547 000.